Akzo Nobel asked Shapers to make an online game to learn children fun facts about color. In this applied game you travel the world to visit 6 colorful corners of the world. It was also released around the world with translations for Dutch, Spanish and French!

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Within this project I was responsible for a big portion of the concept, (game) design, art & animation. I used the following percentage of my skills (at that time).



game design

ui/ux design



In Let's Color World Tour you can travel to six colorful locations around the world: North-America, South-America, Europe, Africa, China & India. Each location has 3 interactive experiences and secret collectibles. These collectibles unlock secret locations. To complete the game all the trophies for each location should be achieved.


While doing all this exploration children learn fun facts about color. For example:


  • Why do we have different colors of skin? And different colors of clothing?
  • How do you mix colors to get other colors?
  • The color wheel: primary, secondary & tertiary colors.
  • How do our eyes perceive color?
  • How do animals use color to their advantage in nature?
  • Warm and cold colors.
  • Colors of the seasons.
  • Rainbows and the color spectrum.
  • What is brightness and saturation?
  • Optical illusions.
  • And much more...


As a designer, it was a real joy to work within this colorful theme!

testing with a Paper prototype

With everything, but applied games in particular, the visual style should really fit the target audience. I wanted to make sure that the kids who are going to play Let's Color World Tour would love the art style. I prepared this little paper prototype. The children could compose their own character of legs, bodies, heads and faces. This gave me the opportunity to test if they like the art style and if they have preferences for choosing a character.


Let's Color World Tour is proudly made at Shapers in collaboration with Sander Falise for the technical realisation and Lea Jurida for the sound design. Let's Color World Tour is commissioned by Akzo Nobel.

I hope you like my creative work. If you do, maybe we can create something even better together? Please say hello!

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