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My name is Maarten van Broekhoven and I’m a freelance game- & multimedia designer from the Netherlands. I design, illustrate and animate for (applied) games and other media to engage people.


I'm currently available for freelance work!

But I'm also looking for an exciting job opportunity.

Featured projects

These are the projects I'm most proud of. My all-time favorites, the crème de la crème.

Clients I've worked for

The past 8 years I’ve had the honor to work for a diverse set of clients, ranging from my former primary school to large multinationals. Some of the clients I've worked for include:

Meet mister rightside

I'm one of the lucky few who made their passion into their profession! But it's no because of luck that I got to where I am. I've challenged myself creatively for as long as I can remember. Let me tell you a bit about my journey to become a better, faster and stronger designer.



I hope you like my creative work. If you do, maybe we can create something even better together? Please say hello!

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