My name is Maarten van Broekhoven and I’m a Dutch game- & multimedia designer. According to THIS test, my right brain is strongly dominant. The right side of the brain is often described as the emotional & creative part of the brain.* That explains why I love being a designer!

what i DO?

Actually quite a lot, but I like to keep things simple: I use my creativity and visual powers to make media people enjoy. Practically this means I design, illustrate and animate for (applied) games and other (interactive) media to engage people. Tapping into the intrinsic motivation is an important part of my job as game designer. Every project I try to give people a ‘CAR’ to drive their intrinsic motivation:


Competence: they get better at something.

Autonomy: they make their own choices.

Relatedness: they feel part of a meaningful (social) whole.


I believe these aspects give people fulfillment in their lives and I’m happy to be able to contribute to that. These are the skills I use most to achieve this:



Graphic Design


Game Design

Ui Design


At the moment I´m available / looking for:

- exciting freelance projects

- a job in the (applied) games scene

- an indie game side project!

my creative journey

For as long as I can remember, I’ve challenged myself creatively. This started out in primary school, where my favorite thing to do was draw dinosaurs, Ninja Turtles and later aliens. This continued in secondary school, where my favorite class was drawing. After that I studied Communication & Multimedia Design, with the minors Illustration and Serious Games. I was an intern at IJsfontein and Shapers and graduated on my own game project.


After graduation I started working as a designer at Shapers and I started my own company on the side. I've worked at Shapers for 7 years, pioneering the field of Learning Experience Design. It gave me the opportunity to develop both my analytical and creative skills, while working on challenging applied game- and other educational projects.

Clients I've worked for

The past 8 years I’ve had the honor to work for a diverse set of clients, from my former primary school to large multinationals. Some of the clients I've worked for include:

For a selection of my creative work, take a look at my portfolio.

* I know the separation between left- and right-brain characteristics is debatable and it might be total bullshit, but I still like to use it as a metaphor for my creative studio ;)

I hope you like my creative work. If you do, maybe we can create something even better together? Please say hello!

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